Czar Salt products are encrinched with natural substances. This innovative integration of organic healthy nutrients such as algae, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. with natural sea salt leads to vibrant colors, a longer shelf life, and health benefits*.


Why is salt so important?

Salt (sodium chloride) is the most essential compound in the human body. Without salt in the diet, we cannot survive. Salt is involved in regulating the water content and fluid balance of all human liquids -- blood, plasma, etc. Salt also absorbs and transport nutrients, maintains blood pressure, contracts and relax muscles, and transmits electrical signals throughout the nervous system.

While salt is found in all foods, doctors advise against consuming more than about 1 tsp. of salt a day. According to MedlinePlus, too much sodium in your diet can have negative health consequences (high blood pressure, swelling, etc.). To alleviate these issues, we must look to a solution that reduces the amount of sodium chloride consumed without sacrificing taste.


What makes Czar Salt better?

Czar Salt products are a new generation of organic pure sea salts enriched with naturally healthy organic additives, with the lowest possible fluid retention effect. As the basic substances we use certified organic sea salts (Fleur de Sel and Sea Salt) harvested and manually produced according to ancient technologies in the ecologically protected Lagoon of Cuyutl√°n on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Both types of salts have a decreased amount of sodium chloride. The main feature of new salts is enrichment with certified organic plants and berries using new environmental pure technology.


How do Czar Salt products work for human health?

The salt products with low fluid retention effect provide stabilization of fluid balance and support normal blood pressure. Infused into salts crystals, the natural ingredients (vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, flavonoids, oils, etc.) bring new health effects. These healthy components partly or completely cover the human demand for the substances. The main health benefits of Czar Salt products are:

  • supporting immune system
  • maintaining a healthy circulatory system
  • managing blood pressure in healthy range
  • assisting in protection against inflammatory diseases
  • supporting vision, skin and bone health
  • improving digestion
  • managing good (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) healthy values
  • detoxing heavy metals
  • enhancing cognitive functions